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UV Mate Portable UV Light 8W Ultraviolet Sanitiser Lamp Room Germicidal Disinfection

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BrandUV Mate How To UsePut the objects to be disinfected on a flat surface like floor or table, preferably in a square pattern of 2 ft x 2ft. Unfold UV Matedevice into its open tent shape and cover the objects with it. Ensure all edges are flat on the floor and enclosed with the beading. Plugin the power the plug and switch on the device, power on are indicated by the small lamp on top of the device. Keep the device on for 10 min and switch off. For complete disinfection, lift the device, flip the objects and keep it on for 10 min. To avoid flipping, spray sanitiser/disinfectant on the floor before keeping objects. Then switch off the device, lift it and remove all the objects. They are disinfected and ready for use.CompositionUV Mate is an ultra-portable disinfecting device for groceries, cash, devices, and other days to day items. This folder shaped compact unit unfolds into a tent with a covering base of 4 square feet. Objects to be cleaned can be placed on the base of the tent, which is fitted with an 8 watt UV C germicidal lamp capable of killing 99.99 % germs like viruses, bacteria and fungi. Once switched on, the UV C light disinfects in a matter of a few minutes. The method of UV disinfection is widely used for killing germs in water, air and even hospital environments. Even in the current pandemic, it has been successfully applied and recommended for the elimination of virus particles on surfaces. The treated goods remain unaffected and are completely safe for use. UV Mate can be used for disinfecting both dry and wet objects. In fact, treated vegetable and fruits have better storage due to killing of spoilage microbes on their surface. Now no need for washing your goods, cash or devices with messy soap solutions and sanitisers, stay dry, stay safe with UV Mate! ;SpecificationsBrand: UV Mate Product Name: UV Mate Portable UV Light Sterilizer Wands, 8W Ultraviolet Sanitizer Lamp Room Germicidal Disinfection UV-C Disinfectant Bulbs for Home Power Rating: 220/240 V, 50 Hz Dimensions: Base of 610 mm x 610 mm, Height of 305 mm UV C tube: 8 watts soft-glass cylindrical T5 type UVC tube with UV C emission between 200 to 280 nm and absorption maxima around 254 nm. Device Body: UV-C resistant composite made of 3 Layer metal-fabric materials. Care Instructions: Do not lift device when in operation. This may cause exposure to UV c light. Do not put hands, feet inside the device when in operation. Radiation exposure causes severe skin & eye damage. Cleaning: Wipe with clean dry/wet cloth when dusty, do not use solvents or detergents Do not use force on the UV lamp, it could break. Frequently Asked Questions: Does UVC affect the quality & surface of organic fruits, vegetables, packed food& electronics: NO! UV-C rays do not alter the quality & surface of fruits, vegetables or object. It disinfects only on the surface and does not penetrate any object or liquid